Saturday, October 8, 2011

What I See : Lamp

Most people would pass this gem up. An ugly old lamp, in a not so desirable shade of mustard. But not any mustard I think it reminds me of spicy mustard. Might be good in a vinaigrette but not on a lamp!  I bought a basic lamp kit at Home Depot and a linen white lamp shade at Target.  After a heavy cleaning, light sanding and a glossy coat of red (my accent color) this is what I have to show you!

Up Next? taking this wire find from Hobby Lobby and making a cool pendant to hang above my desk as well as an art & photog collection for the very empty wall!  It's going to be a tricky balance of composition to get it right.


  1. The cage is going to be SO cute!

  2. Thanks for helping me think through that idea and sharing your inspiration! I think I'm going to pull the dusty eggplant color from the palette and bring it in here, maybe we'll see or maybe blue or gray or okay maybe I have no idea...