Friday, October 7, 2011

Bring Your Palette to LIfe!

Once you've established your color palette whether for a whole house, a project, or anything in between then it's time to make it in to something you can carry on your travels. Because of the nature of my profession I mine happen to bed digital but whether digital, a collection of magazines or even objects, take this to your nearest home improvement store (I'm a Home Depot lover) and pull a paint swatch palette together. A couple of things to remember and do...

1. This is what you'll be basing everything on so take the time to pull various shades within your color range so you can try some out and make sure you're getting the perfect combo.

2. Once you get the combo, take at least two of each swatch set so you can make a set for the car and a set for the house.

After you trim the colors set the extras aside, punch a hole in each end a put on a D ring.  Take the extra colors and put in a baggie to keep in the car though these colors aren't technically in your palette they are still compliments to your palette and you can include them things you buy that might have patterns.

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