Monday, October 3, 2011

The Beginning of the Beginning

I thought I might start blogging again as I embark on an adventure of renovations in our house. I wouldn't say they are necessarily necessary renovations but lets be honest we all get bored with our houses and for me I always see a space as a blank canvas for awesomeness.  For me the first part of renovation is color. I think it's the one thing most people are scared of, but it's so important.  From your palette you can define every surface.  I stumbled across this site ( a few weeks ago that finds beautiful and inspiring color palettes from photographs.  So I took two palettes "Temple Doors" & "Spiced Neutrals" and made my own custom color palette.  Stay tuned as you watch how I pull each color into a multitude of different pieces and surfaces!  Here's to a time or renovation fun!

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